Everyday is Halloween ;)

Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog will show you different kinds of asian horror movies i have liked so far. It will also show you the movies i recommend. And it shows some other stuff XD

Well compared to Kazuo Kiriyama(Battle Royale), Cato is much more built than him. I think Kiriyama is much more deadlier. He see’s you, boom he shoots you with his Uzi. I feel so sorry for those two girls he shot several times. And he just appears out of nowhere. He’s like there when he already shot you. Compared to Cato, Kiriyama is much more of a psychopath. He doesn’t care if you’re his friend, if his playing the game, his gonna play it and will kill you. Cato is also deadly. Especially when he gets mad and stuff. He was so angry he snapped the neck of a Boy from District 3. If they are to battle i think Kiriyama will win. Well, i think so because of The Uzi. Thats unfair if you go aginst someone with just a sword though.

When I first watched Hunger Games, I can’t help but notice that Clove has a similarity to the character from Battle Royale, Mitsuko Souma. The’re both really deadly. Get in to close and they kill you. Mitsuko isn’t the kind of student who kills on sight(well except for that part where she killed Takako Chigusa). She likes to deceive that person first. Like what she did to Megumi Etou. She acted like she was scared and wanted to team up with her. While they embrace Mitsuko gets her sickle and slit’s Megumi’s throat. Clove attacks on sight. She’s a really good knife thrower and she never misses. Like when she targeted the boy from District 9. How cool would it be if these two were to have a battle? :)